August 15, 2018

Micaela + Jeramiah | Auburn Couples portraits | Auburn, California couples photography

Micaela and Jeramiah were the sweetest couple when we met for their first professional portraits back in December.

They were one of the most giggly and fun loving couples I had ever met.

I have known Micaela forever, and we used to go to school together.

Back when we both had those embarrassing eyebrows. Remember? yeah, let’s not talk about it.

During the summer, I captured their Auburn Couples portraits.


When I saw Micaela post the pictures of their gorgeous new house as they were moving in, I was dying inside.

Their house sits up on the gorgeous California hillside in Auburn, California.

It was built in the 1930’s and still has so much of it’s amazing charachter and charm.


The day of their session was a sunny California evening.

As I walked up her front porch, I couldn’t help but smile.

It was lined with succulents and plants-just like my sunroom.

I laughed so hard at the fact Jeramiah probably gets on her about it like Dame does with me.


I got some sweet portraits of them and their gorgeous stairwell that leads to their front door.

We then headed to Eisley Nursery where Micaela works.

It is the most gorgeous place.

We went into a few greenhouses, each had the best variety of gorgeous flowers and plants.

Good thing I couldn’t take plants back on the place or it would be so over.

Micaela and Jeramiah laughed and joked together the whole time.

He told her so many different compliments, I lost track.

All I know is every few minutes, he would say the sweetest thing to her and she would grin from ear to ear.

These portraits captured their love so authentically and raw.

The nose crinkles in Jeramiah’s face as he snuggled his one true love.

Does anything really get better than that?

I really don’t think it does.