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August 20, 2018

Meet the real Ashley | Destin wedding photographer | Miss Morse Photography


I am Ashley.

I’m the main photographer, editor and shot caller at Miss Morse Photography.

I’m going to start out by saying this: I really don’t love talking about myself.

I feel like it’s really important to do, because I want my clients, future clients and followers to know the real me.

To foster real connections and friendships.

destin wedding photographer,

I absolutely love In-n-out. When I’m in California, I get it every chance I get.

What do I do with free time? I really love to sew. Making quilts (but my mom is way better than I am), and other little things.

Thrift stores have been my jam since I was little.

Finding little treasures is my favorite.

I’ve also found I enjoy driving in puddles and splashing mailboxes.

It’s the little things in life.


I was born and raised in Sacramento, California.

I am the middle child in a very outspoken, loving family.

My older brother and younger sister are the funniest people.

When we all get together, the room will be filled with jokes and laughter, no doubt about that.

My parents and I have the best relationship, and we talk every day.

Every single day, sometimes a few times a day.

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I have two daughters.

Maybella is 11 and the most headstrong little thing.

We currently wear the same size clothes, and she’s passed me up in shoe size- I got a new pair of shoes when she cleaned her closet. Holler!


Autumn is the sassiest, most free spirited child.

You can always find her making silly faces, or drawing butts on a paper.

I wish I was joking about that last part.

Dameon is my husband.

We met in middle school in California, but we didn’t begin dating until after high school.

We got married and haven’t looked back.

Dameon is in the military and we’ve lived in a few different states.


Did I always know I wanted to be a photographer?

Heck no.

I always thought I would never really figure out what I wanted to do.

I never really felt like I “belonged” doing this or that.

When I began taking pictures, I loved it.

It took me a few months to realize it was my calling.


When Bella was about 5, I began taking pictures of her.

I loved it so much and loved the moments I captured of her.

Dameon’s coworker asked me to shoot her short notice wedding, and I accepted.

She knew my experience and trusted me.

That is when I really fell in love with weddings.


I have now found what I absolutely adore.

Weddings and family portraits are my jam.

I go home after every session and wedding and tell Dameon all about it.

I am obsessed in the very best way.

My favorite thing about what I do is the relationships I have with my clients.

I spoil them to death and take care of them every single step of the way.

My very first bride? We talk all the time.

My last bride? Same.