August 22, 2018

The Mace family | Sun River, California | Florida family photographer

The Mace family is probably one of the cutest ever.

My cousin Chris and his girlfriend Kristina have the sweetest one year old twins,  Collin and Kayleigh.

You might recognize them from their session last year.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.


Let me tell you, their sweet twins have the most gorgeous curly hair.

They can thank their momma for that.


We met at my Aunt Sissy’s house and we walked down to the river.

Chris pulled the twins in their cute little wagon, as they both held onto the side.

They were very curious about me.


Once we got down a little further, the sunshine was nothing but sheer perfection.

Collin and Kayleigh hated wearing their shoes, and hated walking on the grass even more.

They sat so good on a little quilt and smiled for me.


They loved playing peek-a-boo and when I ran and tickled them.

Collin really loved his momma tickling his little legs.

They were just the sweetest little things.

They both refused to walk on the grass.

Just would not even consider it.

It was hysterical.


I got a few portraits of my Aunt Sissy with her sweet grand babies on her lap.

After the portraits, we walked down to the American River.

Goodness gracious it was freezing!

My poor little feet were numb after 2 minutes in the water.


The Mace family session was everything I could have wished for- sweet baby smiles, warm sunshine and lots of laughter.