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August 30, 2018

It’s Soccer Time, baby! | Panama City, Florida | Panama City family photographer

We love soccer in our house.

Almost every game of the world cup was on in our house, or on our phones when we weren’t home.

Dameon was on his phone watching the world cup games as we we’re in Montana.

He’s that committed.

Bella started playing soccer when she was just a little thing.

Dameon, my sister and our friend Ilya coached her team when she was barely 5.

It was one of the best experiences and I love seeing that team picture at my parents house.

Look at little Bell Bell! (Before I started my photography career obviously haaa)



Autumn has the best coach this year.

He is so supportive no matter what.

He’s constantly giving the kids high fives and telling them how awesome they are.

Deep down wishing he could be my personal life coach because he would make me feel so proud of myself no matter what, haha.


Bella got back from spending an amazing summer in California and went to her soccer practice the very next day.

She is beyond pumped about soccer this year.

Apparently one of her teammates said “is that your mom- the little one sitting over there?”

I’m the little one.

I have never laughed so hard.

I’ve never know any other life then the little one- haha.


Their first games we’re very entertaining.

They had games at the same time, at the same place but opposite ends of the park.

So I stayed and watched Autumn, Dame picked us up and we hustled to catch the last 30 mins of Bell’s game.

That soccer mom life, you guys.

It’s a struggle sometimes.


Autumn’s game.

Let me tell you about this sweet little girl.

She had no clue what was going on.

She asked her coach “but how am I supposed to run without a ball?”

She was so confused that there was only one ball on the field.

Then she did yoga.

On the field, while everyone else played soccer.

Everyone and their mom on the sidelines died of laughter as she just had the time of her life.

She was happy as a clam and had the best first soccer game.


Bella played forward and hustled like crazy.

Her age is now on the huge field so it was a real struggle.

She had a really good shot she took as she was getting rushed by two really big girls from the other team.

The goalie saved it but dang I was so proud she took a good shot.

Autumn and I rallied the parents into a tunnel for the big girls.

The first soccer game of the season was amazing.

The girls had the best time and came home to take a great nap.

Everyone was a winner today.