September 3, 2018

Ferrer family | Panama City Beach, Florida | Laguna Beach, Panama City Beach family photographer

The Ferrer family is fabulous.

When I first talked with Ainhoa, she told me about her two girls Audrey and Sydney.

They are 12 and 15.

I told her “oh my gosh, I have a daughter about the age of your youngest. I hope you’re dealing with the age better than I am!”

We shared the best laugh.

This age is rough sometimes y’all. The sass.

She booked me pretty far in advance, so I was able to get to know her a little better before their session.


We met at Laguna Beach in Panama City Beach, Florida.


Ainhoa is the owner at Lovely & Amazing Cakes.

Literally she is so beyond talented. I used to be a cake decorator for a few years and Safeway but I was nowhere near the amazing that Ainhoa is!

The Ferrer family lives in Wyoming.

I am secretly hoping I get to travel to Wyoming for a wedding in the future so I can see her bakery in person.

It looks so amazing.


The Ferrer family session was so much fun.

It was so humid too.

Straight up 100% humidity.

The breeze saved us.

It also created the most gorgeous movement in their portraits so heyyyo!

Ainhoa and Sean were so adorable when I got them together for a few couples pictures.

They giggled and shared the sweetest little moments.

Mother nature blessed us with the most gorgeous pink July sunset.

They ordered the portrait with the gorgeous pink sky in a canvas for their living room and I am dying of excitement to see it when it arrives.


Sydney is the Ainhoa and Sean’s 15 year old daughter.

She has the prettiest smile and just the kindest heart.

She was such a sweetheart and I swear she is a model.

She knew exactly how to angle and work it.

She had the finesse.


Audrey is the nicest 12 year old I have ever met.

Any parent that has experienced the ages 9-11 know what I’m saying.

She was the funnest person to talk to and hang with.


I had the best time with the Ferrer family.

I got serious Sean to smile and laugh and captured the beautiful bond between sisters.

Sisters are the best thing ever.