September 20, 2018

LaRena and Joe | California Wedding anniversary portrait session McKinley Rose Garden-Sacramento,California

LaRena and Joe are celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary in a few months.

Their love story began over 60 years ago.

They met at a Sweetheart Banquet (a sweetheart’s dance) in Redding, California.

They fell madly in love and decided to move to Sacramento, California for school.

We went by the studio apartment they shared when they lived in Sacramento in 1959.

They paid $55 per month for rent, and utilities were included.

Can we talk about that affordability though?!


I was so lucky to photograph their California Wedding anniversary portrait session.

LaRena and Joe have two children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

I need to mention, this sweet couple are my grandparents.

They have always been so affectionate and sweet with one another as long as I can remember.


When we met for their portrait session, they looked so sweet together- as always.

The sun was so gorgeous through all the roses at the McKinley Rose Garden.

I’ve always loved this rose garden, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect session to hold here.


LaRena and Joe laughed, snuggled and had the best time as I took their portraits.

They told me they wanted to show me the studio apartment.

It was not even a block from the rose garden.


As we we’re taking a picture, our session got crashed but the cutest little kitty.

He was so sweet and snuggled with LaRena.

His name was Mac, at least that’s what his collar said.


When we walked over to the house where they lived in the studio apartment, they got so happy reminiscing about when they were two little lovebirds.

LaRena pointed out to the staircase that led up to the tiny little studio apartment.

We took a few pictures on the staircase.

As she walked back doen, I said “Think about this, the last time you held this railing was in 1959. Remember how young and in love you two were?”

She gave Joe the sweetest look I have ever seen in that moment.


Their anniversary session made me remember exactly what I want for myself, and all my brides.

I want to see them grow old with their best friends and enjoy life together.