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September 28, 2018

Fighting the mom guilt | Panama City beach family photographer

Let’s talk about the thing that every mom has.

Every single one of us.

The mom guilt.


Those nagging, annoying, rude thoughts that come.

As a Panama City Beach family photographer, I get to see alot of people on vacation.

I’ve also met a lot of sweet local moms too.

Every mom I ask says the same thing.

They struggle with mom guilt.


Guess what?

I don’t know about you but I always have it.

I’m always guilty about what I didn’t accomplish that day, or what I didn’t accomplish while I accomplished another task.

Every single day.


Sound familiar?

We can beat this.


Here’s a few things that I have been doing to help keep the mom guilt at bay and really pump up my happiness level.


A nighttime routine.

I wash my face every night with the Burt’s bees face wash.

I am obsessed with Burt’s bees and love everything they make, except for their chap stick.

My lips still feel chapped after using it all day long.

Just saying.


I go to bed early-ish.

I try to be in bed by 9 pm every night and asleep around 10.

I notice I feel a lot better when I’m getting regular sleep.


I don’t snooze my alarm.

This is a little thing that actually makes a huge difference.

I love to snooze.

Once I stopped snoozing my alarm, I felt so much better in the mornings.

I didn’t feel like I was “rushing”.

Which by the way, when you feel like you’re rushing from the time you wake up, you can’t really escape that feeling for that whole day.


I make little lists.

Sometimes it’s a list of things that I have accomplished today, or this week so far.

Usually I like to make a little list of a few good qualities about myself.

Things I know are true, even if it doesn’t feel true when that mom guilt hits.

I call my sister or my best friends.

When you need someone to talk you off the ledge, call you best friend.

They’ll tell you just how kick ass you are.

You’ll feel better.

Trust me.

Hope this helps.

Keep on keeping on mommas!