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December 7, 2018

The ultimate gift guide for guys | Destin wedding photographer

The ultimate gift guide for guys | Destin wedding photographer


On the real, let’s talk about how hard it is shopping for guys.

Am I right ladies?

As a Destin wedding photographer, I get to meet a lot of guys with a lot of different personalities.

I know how hard it is shopping for guys.

I got your back ladies.


I’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for guys with all personality types.

Enjoy ladies!


For the whiskey loving guys.

Whiskey stones. Can they ever have enough whiskey stones? I don’t think they can.

I bought these stainless steel whiskey stones for Dameon last Christmas and he loves them.

10/10 would recommend.

You can find the awesome stones here.


A bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniels.

Worth every single penny.

You can order a bottle here, or find one at your local liquor store.

Last but not least, a whiskey flask.

An awesome one is right here.


For the beer lovers.

If he’s feeling fancy, and wanting to try to brew his own beer- a home brew kit.

I’ve researched a ton, and this one has a ton of amazing reviews!


A little coozie to keep his can of beer ice cold?

Sounds like a win to me.

Here’s the Yeti coozie that will keep it cold forever(basically)!



For the fisherman

Every fisherman needs some fishing guides with all the information.

Here’s one I bought for Dameon that has a ton of info!


A gift card for the local Fisherman’s Warehouse, Bass Pro Store or bait shop is always a winner.

Especially if your fisherman is a picky one.


Dameon loves these fishing shirts. You can also get the long sleeved ones- perfect for those long days offshore!

For the grill lover.

A new grill tool set!

This set is amazing. Stainless steel, will last forever.



A new grill recipe book might be the perfect addition.

This one seems pretty legit for all the super meat eaters out there.


For the DIY guys.

New tool chest!

This tool chest is amazing. I bought one for Dameon a few years back and it’s been amazing.

I also would like to add, one flipped out of the trailer during the storm and is still in operating condition!

So, they’re pretty sturdy.




Happy shopping!