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December 14, 2018

Ultimate Maid of Honor guide – on the wedding day | Panama City Beach wedding photographer

Maid of Honor is such an amazing experience, but can be a little crazy if you’ve never been one before.

As a Panama City Beach wedding photographer, I meet many maid of honors and I’ve gotten to really know how to help them make the best of their experience.

For themselves and for the bride.


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I highly recommend you go back and read that first before this post.


Be there.

Be there for your bride on the day of her wedding.

She may be totally calm or really nervous.

Either way, she’ll need you.

Just be there and let her know if she needs anything, she has you.

Sometimes, just knowing your are there with her is the biggest comfort.

The bustle.

I highly recommend you going with the bride to her final fitting.

Having the seamstress teach you how to bustle the gown’s bustle.

It sounds weird but some bustles are super different and can take a lot of time to figure out!

Take charge of the crap corner.

I really don’t have a better term for it.

When I take the getting ready portraits, I always instruct the bride and bridesmaids to put all their stuff in the corner.

Water bottles, purses, coats, shoes- it all goes in the crap corner.

Make sure everyone’s stuff gets into the corner so we can get un-cluttered getting ready shots.

Yay for no clutter!

The bridal bouquet.

During the ceremony, brides tend to forget about what to do with their bouquet.

That’s where you come in!

After the bride walks down the aisle, she will turn and hand the bouquet to you.

If she forgets, that’s okay!

Just gently step in and grab it from her.

This frees up her hands to hold the groom’s hands during the ceremony.

On the real, it’s pretty awkward when the bride forgets to hand her bouquet off and she’s just holding her bouquet, while the groom is just nervous and holding his hands together. It looks awkward, it feels awkward, it’s awkward.

Remember, gently grab her bouquet from her when she arrives at the end of the aisle, after she’s already handed off by her daddy of course.

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After the ceremony, the bride and groom will kiss, everyone will celebrate.

Then, it will be time for you to hand her back her bouquet.


The bride and groom walking back down the aisle is made just so perfect with her gorgeous bridal bouquet in her hands.

Hope the wedding day goes amazing.

You’ll be a rocking MOH!