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December 17, 2018

The ultimate gift guide for the puppies! | Destin family photographer

So what I really love is meeting all my client’s pups when they bring them to a session.

As a Destin family photographer, I get to meet all the puppies when they come on vacation too.


While writing a gift guide for ladies and guys, I had the best idea ever.

A gift guide for all the pups!

Let’s be real they are equally as important.


Here’s a gift guide for all the cute little pups in your life.


The chewer.

The ferocious chewers that chew like crazy.

Yep, they’re gonna need something like this.

Here’s a little tip- put peanut butter in it and freeze it.

They will enjoy it for a good hour or so.



This tug-o-war toy.

This one holds up pretty well.


The de-stuffer.

You know if you have one.

The pup that loves those stuffed animals.

They just love to cover your floor in the polyfill.

My gosh it’s such a pain picking all those little pieces up too!

Here’s a little one that has a little stuffing.

This raccoon toy has no stuffing and Flurry LOVES it.


The ball fetcher.

Oh my gosh some dogs love their balls.

If your dog is a ball lover and you don’t have a Chuck It, you are not living your best life!

They throw so dang far.

You can also not throw your arm out, so that’s totally a win.


You can get different balls for the thrower too.

Some whistle.

These glow in the dark ones are awesome for late nights at the dog park.

(DP for slang and to sound a little bit cooler haha)


The treat lover.

This is my sweet little Penny.

She is such a little chunky butt when it comes to her treats.

These treats are really healthy, and my dogs love them.


Now you can scroll down and enjoy some of the sweet pups I’ve had the pleasure of snuggling!