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January 8, 2019

Schuemann family lifestyle session | Panama City family photographer

I cannot tell you how much I adore this family.

As a Panama City family photographer, I only really capture newborn portraits when my clients have sweet babies!


Well, first of all- my commute to work for this client was amazing.

They live a whole three quarters of a mile from me..if that.

As I walked up to their front door, I saw a vaulted window above their front door.

There was a succulent and a few cactus in it.

I thought “literally,why? Why does my house not have a window like this?”

I am a little bummed now that I know what I’m missing.

Kyle and Amber’s house is like a Pinterest board.

So much gorgeous houseplants.

On the real, I need Amber to decorate my house.


Kyle and Amber have the four sweetest daughters.

Aria, Kendall, Kelsey and Carly are already so important to each other.

Aria is the oldest, and she has the cutest little freckles.

Kendall and Kelsey are they had the most fun running around and playing games.

Oh my gosh I swear those sweet girls giggled so much today.

It was a huge breath of fresh air.

We played hide and seek.

The girls played ring around the rosey and just could not stop laughing.

Aria played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on her piano.

She was so excited to show me and was so proud.



Carly has the cutest nursery.

It has super high ceilings and feels so huge.

I wish my ceilings were that high.

For real.

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Carly is two months old.

I swear this little muffin has the cutest little chunky cheeks.

I just loved making her smile.


I spent the best afternoon with the Schuemann family.

I played with the sweetest little girls.

They giggled and told me all about what they love to play with and how they have so much fun at dance class.

A house full of sweet giggles and hugs.

What more could anyone wish for?