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My parents still live in the same house that they brought all of us home from the hospital in.

We were all raised in this house.

We found a couple of bottles of bubbles at my parents house.


Autumn and sweet little Leila, Dustin’s(my brother) girlfriend’s daughter, had the best time.

I saw a bunch of pictures of Dustin and Leila before I came home to California and they’re so adorable together.

He absolutely adores her and you can totally tell.

It’s the sweetest thing.


Dame made the comment “It reminds me so much when we look back at the pictures of Bella and I.”



We all went out in their backyard.

It was like a 108゚ but the girls were dying to do bubbles so we all went outside.

Oh my gosh it was miserably hot.


Leila straight refused to blow bubbles at first.

She was so grumpy from waking up from her nap.

I don’t know about you but that’s 100% me when I wake up from a nap.

I need a adjustment period to real life.

Panama City Family Photographer

Autumn started blowing bubbles.

We quickly found that my parents dog Sadie is absolutely obsessed with bubbles.

She loved them.

She stood and would wait for Autumn to blow bubbles so she could jump and try to catch them and eat them.


It was so cute.

Finally Leila joined in and it was the cutest little thing watching her trying to you blow her bubbles.

My brother Dustin was showing her how to blow them and helping her try to learn to blow them.

That little muffin was so cute trying to blow them with her tiny little breaths.


All in all, we had about 15 minutes of good bubble blowing fun.

The kids had a blast.

Sadie had the time of her life.


This is another one of those moments when I’ll look back and say to myself “the little moments are never little.”





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