Janelle + Brian | Passion Project 2019 | Gulf Coast Family Photographer

Janelle + Brian | Passion Project 2019 | Gulf Coast Family Photographer


I have known Janelle for probably close to 15 years.

We went to school together.

I saw on Facebook that when she had her sweet little baby there were complications.

Her sweet daughter Ada had meconium aspiration syndrome and was put on an ecmo machine.

For a solid six weeks they were going day-by-day not sure if she was actually going to make it or if she was going to pass away.

I couldn’t even imagine what they were going through.


I reached out to her as soon as I knew that I was coming to California.

We caught up and I offered to take their family portraits when I was in California.

This is my passion project for this year.

I couldn’t have picked better family for it.


I told Janelle that no matter what situation that Ada was in that I would come and capture memories for her.

If she was still on the hospital, if she had just gotten home and they wanted to keep her at home just safe then I could come to their house.

Whatever the situation.


Ada that was released from the hospital a few weeks ago and she has been doing absolutely fabulous.

Janelle and her family met me at the Blue Stone Meadow Farm in Placerville, California.

Janelle and Brian are so sweet and they have little Brock and Ada.

Brock is Brian’s son and Janelle accepts him as her sweet little boy just as much as she accepts sweet Ada.

Brock was the funniest little thing he is so handsome and such a good little helper.

He absolutely adores his little sister and had the best time trying to get smiles out of her.


Ada is the cutest little muffin.

She’s 12 weeks old now and she smiles for her Mamma and for her brother.

Except when we’re trying to have a photo session, which she refused to smile at all. 😂

When I was taking portraits of Janelle and Brian, Brock was getting smiles out of Ada.

I swooped over and I snapped a few and they are the sweetest whole thing.


Janelle and Brian are so blessed to have the sweet little muffins that they do.

Ada is such a fighter.

I’m so honored to be able to capture her as she is- healthy and happy.

Thank goodness that she is doing as amazing as she is.

Their family session was everything you could ever wish for.

Tons of laughter, love and family cuddles.