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Questions I wished more couples asked Part 2 | Emerald Coast Florida Wedding

Questions I wished more couples asked Part 2 | Emerald Coast Florida Wedding


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I know that planning a wedding can be intense.

There are so many things that make a wedding- it can be a little intense.


One thing I always encourage potential clients to do is ask questions!

They always say they feel guilty asking so many questions.


Ask as many questions you need to in order to feel confident that you are making the right decision and hiring the perfect wedding photographer for you.


I know that sometimes when you first pick up a wedding magazine it feels like they’re speaking a different language because all of the different terms and abbreviations they have.

Don’t worry, I got your back on this one.

Here you can find the ultimate wedding glossary- so you can finally understand what everyone in the wedding world is talking about!


What if you’re just so overwhelmed you don’t know what questions to ask?

That can happen too.

I was recently asked “what are the questions your wish more couples asked you?”

It took me a morning to think on it.

I’ve put together a list of the top questions I wish more couples asked me.

I hope you find it super helpful!


Questions I wished more people asked Part 2:


If you missed part one, you can find it here.


Why do you strongly recommend we hire a wedding coordinator?

If you’ve never been married before, It’s hard to really imagine how intricate planning and executing a wedding is.

There’s so many different things going on- it’s hard to juggle everything.

Especially by yourself as you’re busy with your own life and trying to plan for the honeymoon, etc.

Wedding coordinators take your vision, keep your investment budget in mind and pull it all together.

If you don’t hire a wedding coordinator for full on coordination, I always tell my couples I STRONGLY encourage you hire a coordinator for the final 6 weeks.

They tie everything together and coordinate your entire wedding day so it goes smoothly.

The honest truth is, no matter how much you plan and plan, there’s always things that pop up the day of and you need someone to coordinate with those things and ensure things go according to plan.

You want to enjoy your wedding day, not work your wedding day.

Take it from a girl who had no wedding coordinator and could not regret it more.

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Do you require we order our album through you?

I don’t. You will have a print release to print up to 11″x14″ on your own.

However, when you see and feel the luxury albums I offer, you’re going to want to.

They are made to last.

The quality is nothing like the quality you can find at consumer labs- they are made only for professional photographers to offer to their clients.

Trust me on that one.

You need this bad boy in your life.

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Our wedding would require travel- should we be concerned you’ll miss your flight?

I know the thought of hiring someone out of state can be a little scary. I 100% get that.

I have traveled for the past 3 wedding seasons- I travel for 10 weddings per year.

You can feel confident when I tell you “I will be there.”

I fly out two days prior to the wedding date- just in case my flight has any delays or anything like that.

I give myself plenty of buffer time to make sure I make it to your wedding day on time.


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