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Questions to ask your wedding planner | Panama City Wedding Planning

Questions to ask your wedding planner | Panama City Wedding Planning


Vetting potential wedding planners can feel like a lot. I totally get that.

I’m here to help you a teensy!

I’ve chatted with amazing wedding planners and come up with some good, solid questions you can ask your wedding planner to know you’re choosing the ONE for you guys.


If you’ve already booked your venue, they may offer in house coordination.

However, make sure you understand what level of service that involves.

Usually it’s just day of coordination, so you’ll for sure want to have a wedding planner as well.

That will help you so very much.

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Before you start meeting with the planners:

You and your honey should discuss budget and come up with a figure you’re comfortable with.

Know a rough estimate on how many guests you’re wanting to have.

Have a few wedding date options.

The vibe you’re wanting for your wedding. If you’re not 100% sure yet- that’s fine.

Just have some idea of what you want, the planner can help steer you in the right direction I’m sure.


The questions to ask:


Do you have a business license and insurance?

The answer should be yes. Trust me.


How many wedding clients do you take on in a year?

The last thing you want is a planner that will stretch themselves too thin.


If our wedding is outdoors, what plan b would you have for bad weather?

Obviously you’ll need to have your venue before the planner can answer this.

They won’t have any clue how to make a plan b if they don’t even have a plan a yet hahaha.


What kind of planning do you offer?

There’s a few different options so below I kind of broke it down.

Logistics only – organizing and handling things like the timeline and seating arrangements.

Designing + Logistics- bringing your vision to life and also organizing and handling everything.

If they offer just logistics, ask if they have any recommendations they can give if you need an event designer as well.


What details of the planning will we be responsible for?

This is super important to know. You’ll want to know what you’ll be doing.


Do you have a list that breaks down all that is included in your services?


Do you have reviews from prior clients?

Read them carefully.

If there is a bad review, to me that’s not a deal-breaker.

It depends on how the business responds to the bad review.

If they don’t respond, or they respond in a snarky manner- that’s not a good thing.

If they respond in a respectful, polite manner and offer to make things right if the client contacts them to discuss their unhappiness- that is a really good thing.

It means they care and they want their clients to ultimately be happy.

Happy planning!





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