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Fall Bucket List | Panama City Beach Family | Panama City Beach, Florida

Fall Bucket List | Panama City Beach Family | Panama City Beach, Florida


I love fall.

When you can actually wear some cute skinny jeans and you’re not sweating bullets at 10am.

That is my jam.


Most of all, I love the family time that fall brings.

When I was growing up, the holidays were my favorite time of the year.

Everyone got together at my grandma’s house and ate amazing food and just laughed and laughed.

That is what I want my girls to remember about their childhood.

The happiness from being surrounded by loved ones.

Last year, the hurricane basically destroyed a lot of my town, so last year was a bit hard to get into any real festive mood.

I promised myself this year will be different and I will make a bucket list of things I want to do with the girls and as a family during the holidays this year.


Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Carving.

My dad has always carved pumpkins with us when we were growing up.

Every year we would set out a ton of newspaper on the ground and get to work.

We made homemade pumpkin seeds and they were delicious.

Confession– I have never really liked carving pumpkins.

I’ve always been super grossed out by the pumpkin guts and I’m not real good at carving them either.

This year I really want to take the girls to a pumpkin patch and come home, spend the day together and carve pumpkins after dinner.



I love crafts and so do the girls.

They both love to sew and I really want to get together with them and make some little things.

I think they’ll adore that.



When I think back to growing up, I loved cooking with my grandma and my great grandma.

My favorite thing was we would always make homemade pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Apple Pie was always my favorite one.

I want to continue that tradition with the girls and make pies with them during the fall and especially during the holidays.

Do you have a fall bucket list of things you want to do this fall?

Better yet- send me pictures of ya’ll checking off your bucket list!