Fall Crafts | Wooden Candy Corn | Panama City Family Photographers

Fall Crafts | Wooden Candy Corn | Panama City Family Photographers

Crafts is one of my favorite things to do.

Especially as a family during fall time.

There is something so special about getting together and making stuff.


Do you have a fall bucket list?

I wrote one and I’m really trying to check it all off this year.


I saw some cute wooden candy corn and I decided to try my hand at making them.


Here’s the way I made mine:


I started by looking through our wood scrap piles.

Turns out, we have a ridiculous amount of extra wood.

So I just grabbed some 1″x 4″ boards and used them.

You’ll need to measure and mark for your tip of your candy corn.

You’ll want to cut at an angle.

I tried a few different angle cuts to see what I liked best.

Below are 10, 12.5 and 15 degree angle cut examples.

Make sure to wear your eye protection and leather gloves to protect your little fingers!


After I got them all cut, I gave them a quick sanding.

I brought them inside and Autumn helped me paint them.

She gave her little “spin” on the candy corn.

One of them had buttons and tons of sparkles.

After they were painted, I let them dry.

I then sanded the edges a little and gave them a coat of poly to seal them.

I found some wood shims and stapled them to my little candy corns.

Once I put them into the ground, they we’re not as perfect as I had hoped in my mind.

I hit the wood bone pile again and made some tombstones!

We decided to do some funny ones.



I’m so stoked to see all the little trick or treat-ers this year.

It’s my favorite part of Halloween!


Share a picture of your sweet little ones all dressed up. I’d love to see them!