Autumn brought home a coconut | Lynn Haven Photographer | Lynn Haven, Florida

Autumn brought home a coconut | Lynn Haven Photographer | Lynn Haven, Florida


Let me just start by saying I had no clue you could buy a straight coconut from the grocery store.

I literally had zero clue whatsoever.


Autumn went grocery shopping with her daddy while I finished up some work.

When they got home, she came running in the house hooting and hollering.

I literally could not understand a thing that girl was trying to say.

Then she pulled out the coconut.

A whole coconut.


She was so excited.

She just wanted to put a straw into it and drink it that way.

My reaction was “goodness”.

They my next reaction was “Okay have daddy help you. Mommy doesn’t know how to open it.”

AKA mommy isn’t trying to hurt herself trying to open the coconut.

Y’all I don’t have a clue as to how to open a dang coconut.

So we went out to the sun room and Dame brought a hammer and a screwdriver.

I’m not going to lie it was sketchy but he got a few holes in it.

He stuck a straw in it and let Autumn drink some coconut juice.

She hated it.

So naturally we teased her to try more.


This girl cracks me up.

She is the sassiest little girl I’ve ever met- except for when Bell was her age.

She is the biggest social butterfly and has never met a stranger.

My favorite thing is seeing her and her daddy together.

They are always two peas in a pod and so happy to get together and have fun.

Whether it be fishing, going through the inflatable playground at crab island, or cuddling in bed watching a Barbie movie, they have the sweetest relationship.

Did you have any clue they sold whole coconuts at the grocery store?



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