Lori + Michael | Solaris Yacht Cruise | Solaris Wedding

Lori + Michael | Solaris Yacht Cruise | Solaris Wedding


I feel like I’ve known Lori forever.

We chatted on the phone back and forth for months and months planning and preparing for her wedding day.


Their wedding day was the day tropical storm Nestor was pestering Florida.

It was a little chilly and windy.

Thankfully it didn’t pour on us at all.


Their Solaris wedding turned out absolutely perfect.

For their ceremony, the top deck was the perfect backdrop.

The wind created the most beautiful movement in the portraits.

Every bride is worried when they feel wind and I always reassure them.

Honestly, the wind creates movement and emotion.

It sounds made up but I swear it really does create something else.

It’s beautiful.


After their ceremony, we had a little adventure time.

Lori, Michael and I strolled around the Village of Baytowne Wharf area in Sandestin.


When they visit, they always ride the Baytowne carousel.

We were able to get a special ride on the carousel- just Lori and Michael.

It was just the most special thing.


We found the most gorgeous fountains and buildings with amazing columns.

Lori and Michael soaked in all their newly wedded bliss.

When we returned to Solaris for the reception, it was fun time.

Lori and Michael had the sweetest first dance that ended with her dipping.

All their guests were phenomenal dancers.

One of their guests began to choke and thank goodness a EMT came to her rescue to help her.

They ended up taking Saki shots together at the end of the night.

So, funny story time.

Lori told me that she has the a funny quirk.

Anytime she sees a super pretty, perfect cake she has to fight the urge to just punch it.

A few years ago she was in a bar and someone was having a birthday party.

She asked them jokingly if she could punch their cake and they said “of course!”.

She was wearing this big ring and punched the cake.

It has been an ongoing joke since.


Her friends supplied her and Michael with big rings and a cake.

A special punch cake.

It was hysterical.

Lori and Michael’s wedding day was absolutely everything you dream of.

Surrounded by your friends and family.

The air full of laughter and love.