Gifting memories for Christmas | Panama City Family Photographer

Gifting memories instead of toys | Panama City Family Photographer

I heard an idea that made me stop and think recently.

The idea of basically gifting your kids things that encourage more quality time and moments together.


I plan to also get the girls a few smaller things but I’m really wanting them to really understand the importance of moments together.


I thought back to our favorite memories we made this year for a little inspiration.


We spent the day exploring the Memphis Zoo and it was so much fun.

When we visited California, my girls love to visit the zoo there too.

Fairy Tale Town is one that the girls loved when they were smaller.


I made each of the “gifts” in separate envelopes labeled with the activity.

I then included enough cash in the envelope for the expenses for that activity.

For example, for the “afternoon at the movies” gift I included money for the tickets and some for popcorn.

That way you just take the envelope and head out.


Do you think this gift idea might be a good idea for your family too?


Below are some ideas on memories you can gift your kids for Christmas this year.



For families with younger kids:

A special day with mom or dad.

A special afternoon of baking with mom.

Family movie night (ours usually include popcorn and tons of snuggling together on the couch).

An afternoon at the movies.

Tickets for the children’s museum.

Tickets for the local indoor trampoline place.


For families with older kids:

A special day with mom or dad.

An afternoon at the movies.

Tickets for the local museum.

An afternoon at the planetarium.

An evening going to see a ballet.

Tickets for the local zoo.

Classes for sign language (Bella’s newest love).

Art classes or classes learning a new hobby.

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There’s so many things you can gift that make so many amazing memories that will last forever.

What memories are you gifting this year?

I’d love to hear what you end up gifting and how much the kids love them!