Crab Island 2019 | Destin photographer | Boogies Watersports Destin, Florida

Crab Island 2019 | Destin photographer | Boogies Water sports Destin, Florida

I’ve been wanting to check out Crab Island since we moved here a few years ago.

With my work and Dame’s work it just hasn’t worked out.


My sister Alyssa has been dying to go to Crab Island and for her birthday this year we surprised her with a day trip to Crab Island.

My sweet couple Jenny and Johnny own Boogies Watersports, so I reached out to them and we rented a pontoon boat from them.

You may remember them from their adorable Seaside Engagement Session or their perfect fall Santa Rosa Beach Wedding.

Supporting my couples by giving their small business my business makes me happy.


We all met and headed out.

The moon jellyfish were out so we had to be careful as we were in the water.

Those moon jellies are so beautiful though.


It was a beautiful day.

It was pretty overcast and not too hot.

Can’t ask for better weather in Florida, that’s for sure.

Dame, his best friend Andrew and the girls all went on this huge floating playground.

They had the best time slipping and sliding ad they tried to go through the obstacles.

It was quite hysterical watching them as well.

I couldn’t get any pictures of it because we anchored the boat and had to wade to the playground.


We ate lunch, had snacks and just had the best time all spending the day together.

Alyssa was happy with her birthday trip.

The girls were happy they played on the obstacle course and were able to hang out in the boat with us all.


We all spent the best day exploring crab island and spending some real legit quality time together.