December 2019 | Panama City Beach Family Memories

December 2019 | Panama City Beach Family Memories


So, this December was a little hectic.

More hectic than our last Decembers.

We have been dealing with huge adjustments this year.


December has always been my favorite time of year.

I always love decorating the Christmas tree and putting up all the decorations.


This December was full of so much laughter and joy.

We made homemade gingerbread houses and they basically collapsed a little bit.

We celebrated Dameon and his best friend Andrew’s birthday.

In a very laid back, relaxed dinner at home way.

They shared a cake, thank goodness because I cannot control myself around leftover cake.

Bella spent Christmas day at her dad’s in California this year.

It’s always hard for me when she’s gone for Christmas day, but it’s okay.


For Christmas day, we took the boat out fishing.

We spent most of the day on the water.

The weather was damn near perfect.

The day was almost perfect- except we only got one bite.

All day long.

One. Bite.


Autumn helped her daddy steer the boat.

We also pulled off by the shore and Autumn had the best time catching little baby crabs and jellies in her net.

The water was freezing, but she didn’t care.

Dameon fell into the water as he tried to untangle his line from the barnacles under the bridge.

I was too busy laughing to grab my camera and capture it.

Totally kicking myself for that now.


After we started to head back, Autumn took the bait fish from the boat’s live well one by one into her net.

She told each of them “Merry Christmas” as she put them back into the ocean.

She was so pleased with herself letting them go.

It was the sweetest thing.

Our Christmas was everything a Florida Christmas should be.

Full of plenty of sunshine, sea spray and laughter.