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I’m not perfect, and my kids don’t care. | Panama City Family Photographer

I’m not perfect, and my kids don’t care. | Panama City Family Photographer


So… there’s one thing that is completely obvious during the kid’s Christmas break- especially the days between Christmas and New Years where literally no one knows what day it is.

I am not perfect.

Not even close.



As far back as I remember I have never really mastered the whole “work life balance” thing.

At this point my work life balance is “juggling” at it’s best.

It works for me though.


The holidays are always literally full of perfect Instagram feeds and tons of moms feeling defeated because their pie looks like crap compared to the one on their Pinterest board.

I feel it on a spiritual level.

I bought everything to make a pie and didn’t make it.

I just literally forgot all about it.

Guess what?

No one noticed.

My kids didn’t notice.

My husband didn’t notice.

No one noticed.


The things you’re worrying so much about- no one else is worried about.


After my gingerbread cookie dough post that explained I made my gingerbread houses from scratch, I got some messages.

My best friend told me that I am “super mom.”

I legit rolled my eyes as she said that.

Y’all. No.


You saw the gingerbread houses and the cookies.

What you didn’t see: my floors that needed mopping, our bedrooms that needed cleaning, our laundry that needed to be done.

I realized it could wait a little longer.

I took the time to spend time and make memories with the girls and it was worth it.


If you haven’t read any of posts that talk about my anxiety… here’s the truth.

I have horrible, crippling anxiety at times.

I must say, in the past year I’ve gotten better at handling it.

For work, I have a client management system that is literally the best thing ever for my anxiety.

I can keep track of everything and my workflows.

Oh it’s perfect.


“Better than perfect” is a phrase I have ended up saying to myself.


So, here’s the thing.

Your kids don’t care that you forgot to make that pie.

They don’t care if the house is a little bit messy or if dinner is leftovers again.

As long as you’re there, you’re present and an active part of their life- you’re perfect to them.


Okay, pep talk over.

Go and take over the world moms.

There really isn’t anything like us.

We rock.






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