The Start Of Our European Adventure | Traveling Wedding Photographer

The Start Of Our European Adventure | Traveling Wedding Photographer

My baby sister Alyssa and I decided that we needed a vacation.

We both are so busy working we can catch lunch together here and there but we don’t usually get legit quality time.

So one day we decided we check a few things off our bucket list.


What you need to know before reading about our adventures πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚:

Alyssa is my baby sister and she is so different than I am.

She is super bubbly and outgoing.

I am more of a homebody and I like to just relax when I’m not working and running around for the kids.

We both are very strong willed (thanks mom and dadπŸ˜‚).

If Alyssa and I are together, you can hear us from across the room.

We will be laughing.

She is the one person that can make me laugh as hard as I possibly can.

The frisk at the airport.

I swear I’m not actually starting a trip until I get frisked by TSA at the airport.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I love to fly in my leggings because…I mean seriously, have you ever tried on Lulu-lemon leggings?

They are straight luscious.

So while I’m standing in the middle of the security area and getting frisked, another TSA agent goes “Leggings are the worst decision. They will usually always flag you.”

Alyssa and I turn to each other. She goes “I just like the attention okay?”

I say “worth it.”πŸ˜‚


Our first international flight.

So we literally had zero clue what to expect.

We we’re like little kids on Christmas.

They kept bringing us the most delicious meals and snacks and warm hand towels!

Delta- 10/10 would recommend.


We stayed at a cute Airbnb in Paris.

It was right by the metro station.

The workers are on strike, so their was only a few running.

The little square a block from our Airbnb was super adorable.

They had the cutest little bakery that had the most delicious bread and goodies.


Stay tuned for all our Paris adventures(including the must see must do list) next week!





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