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FAQs -wedding edition | Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer

FAQs -wedding edition | Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer

At a few of my latest wedding consultations, I’ve been hearing the same questions.

So, my sweet bride to be’s… here it is!

All the frequently asked questions I hear most!


How will I know when is a good time for my ceremony to start?

It depends on what you’re wanting.

Are you wanting a ceremony right before sunset?

Are you wanting a midday ceremony?


Either way, I help all my couples by creating a custom timeline for their wedding so they know how their photographic coverage will flow, and frankly how their day’s events will flow as well.



Can we still do a consultation if I’m an out of state bride?

Of course! For my local couples, I take them to coffee. For my out of state couples, I set up a video chat consultation.

Either way, the face to face contact is priceless to me.


Why should I schedule a wedding consultation with you?

It’s so important.

It’s a time to sit and get to know one another more.

I’ll ask you and your honey how you met, how he proposed, and I’ll just get to know you better.

Getting to know and really connecting with my couples is one of my favorite things.


What should we expect from the consultation?

Expect to be asked questions about you and your honey!

I’ll also ask you what your vision for your wedding is.

“How do you want your guests to feel when they’re at your wedding?”

Hearing your vision is the first step in helping execute it perfectly.


What happens if there’s an emergency and you can’t make the wedding?

In the 4 wedding seasons I’ve captured this has never happened.

However, I am always prepared for the unexpected.

I have a list of amazing photographers I can have step in and capture your day wonderfully in the event I am unable to.

You will still receive the Miss Morse Experience and I will personally edit the images as well.


I’m not local, can you help with vendor recommendations?

Yes I sure can.

I have a list of vendors that have been vetted by me personally and meet my (very high) standards for experience, quality and excellence.


Do you have any questions I didn’t answer? Send em to me!


Happy Planning!












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