short girl for life

best joke teller


sassy pants/
book worm

naughty word police/
little dance machine

best friend to autumn + bella / escape artist





Wife of Steven, Dog Mom of Bella.

 Lover of light, simplicity, love, and adventure.
Forever enamored by my partner in crime & life, Steven.

Adored by snuggly pup Bella.

Inspired by the outdoors, new places, and authentic stories.

Always on the run.

 And an above average consumer of Chick-Fil-a (spicy chicken with honey please!)

Husband of Ashley.

American as hell. Loves freedom.

Always down to hit the gym.

Practically invented "hold my beer and watch this."

Loves fishing and good whiskey.

Daughter of Ashley + Dameon.

Sassy as all get out.

Loves a good soccer game.

You can always find her with her nose in a good book.

Loves the phrase "oh my gosh mom, stop!"

Daughter of Ashley + Dameon.

Obsessed with dresses and heels.

Loves bustin' a move.

Always getting after everyone for saying naughty words (even words that aren't naughty)

Latest "naughty words":
sip, marinara, seashell, budget, shipping, savage 

Enjoys a good breeze.

Loves sneaking into the girls forts.

Known by the neighborhood as "the wanderer."

Loves a good squirrel chasin'.


Hey! I'm Ashley, but you can call me Ash.

I am the world's okayest wife to my hunky hubby Dameon.
I have two girls, Autumn and Maybella.

Basically a semi-professional dog rescuer at this point in my life.

I love mobbing in my minivan like it's a lifted truck while jamming to George Thorogood. On the real.

I will do just about anything for some good coffee, succulents and a soft pretzel. Y'all have been warned.