The Branco family are pretty high up on my “I freaking love you” chart. I have know them for years. They were one of my very first clients when my business was just starting out. We’ve kept in touch for all these years, and I just love being friends with them.   I officially am […]

I’ve been a Florida wedding photographer for a little bit now. I’ve noticed a trend the past few years. Busy. Busy seems like the new thing to do. The coolest thing to be doing is being so busy it makes you a teensy bit crazy. I’m here to tell you that’s not where it’s at. […]

The Winters family session was the most fun. I’ve known Lizzy all my life. She’s my cousin. We grew up together playing on the trampoline and having a blast. She is a few years older than I am, and I have always looked up to her. They had a hard time finding a Citrus Heights […]

Aaron and Kate’s wedding day was the most magical day nestled in the Montana mountains. Their love story has been years and years in the making. Life got busy, jobs took them to different states and places. Their love found a way to make all things possible and bring them back together. I was blessed […]

I could have sworn that Tara and I went to school together when I grew up in California. She looked so familiar. When we talked about her session, I was so very excited. She is a veterinary technician and is always posting pictures with horses that she trains and shows.   I am obsessed with California […]

Megan and Joe tied the knot at the Tops’l resort in Destin, Florida. They are seriously just the sweetest couple. I second shot at their wedding with Angela Francis for a couple of hours. In that few hours, I got to know the bride, groom and their amazing families a little bit. It took me […]

One thing I adore is working with Mary every second I get. Mary Beth and I shot the most gorgeous Georgia wedding. I traveled  to be a Georgia wedding photographer for the day.   Taylor and Allison are literally the sweetest people in the world. They were so full of joy and happiness the entire day. […]

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I get so busy with work my personal photos sit on my hard drive. They sit there for wayyyyy too long without being touched.   I came across this folder from our trip LAST year to visit our dear friend Andrew in Tennessee. Last year y’all. Shame! Shame! Shame!   Any-who, […]

Disney World with kids in tow is a little overwhelming just to think about. Our trip to Disney World was a little bit of a learning experience. So in the spirit of learn from my mistakes and triumphs, I’ve made a list of all the things you’ll want to bring and do to make the […]

I love being a Panama City Beach, Florida Wedding photographer. I meet so many sweet couples from all over.   There is only like 75 million things to think about when planning your wedding. Am I right or am I right? Here’s something that is kind of overlooked sometimes.. the morning of. What should you […]