I cannot tell you how much I adore this family. As a Panama City family photographer, I only really capture newborn portraits when my clients have sweet babies!   Well, first of all- my commute to work for this client was amazing. They live a whole three quarters of a mile from me..if that. As […]

Let’s talk about the thing that every mom has. Every single one of us. The mom guilt.   Those nagging, annoying, rude thoughts that come. As a Panama City Beach family photographer, I get to see alot of people on vacation. I’ve also met a lot of sweet local moms too. Every mom I ask […]

Prepping your toddlers for your family portraits. I know, it’s a little stressful to think about. It’s always a little uncomfortable getting your portraits taken, especially trying to get your portraits taken with your toddler. I got your back-don’t you worry.   Here’s a few tips to help prepare your toddler for your family portrait […]

Funny story, I thought their last name was Jefferh until the day before the session. Whitney emailed me and says “it’s Jeffery! My hand slipped as I typed it LOL.” I thought it was, but I was too bashful to ask! LOL   The Jeffery family are the cutest people. I was lucky enough to […]

Bella loves anything with a mystery. Autumn loves anything that Bella loves. When I read about the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt the Bay County Library has, I knew it was a MUST. The teachers had a work day, but all the students at Bella’s school had the day off.   After breakfast I told the […]

The croft family session was the closest thing to perfection that exists. Lindsay and her husband Adam have the sweetest little girls, Lily and Maddie. Lindsay’s mom, stepdad, brother in law and sister all joined us. Lindsay’s mom used to bring her and her sister Blake to Panama City Beach for vacation when they were […]

We spent 4 days at the family cabin this year. It was pure heaven.   I taught Autumn how to ride a bike!! Dameon has been working with her, but she hasn’t really gotten the hang of pedaling. She got it at the cabin! She rode Bella’s old bike, the sparkle barbie one that Dameon […]

Can I tell you a secret? My heart doesn’t belong to the ocean. The mountains have always had it. My family’s cabin is nestled in the mountains in Soda Springs, California. My grandpa designed and built the cabin with his two hands. If you have never been there, you’re missing out. I grew up going […]

Everyone talks about the amazing feelings and experiences motherhood brings. Rarely do you hear anyone talk about the negative- that bad day.   The bad day where you just want to quit. You feel like success in parenthood is not an option and you just don’t have anymore fight left in you. Today was my […]

The Smith family received their family portrait session as a gift. Their super adorable friend reached out to me and worked out all the details of the gift. At first, we had to reschedule our session for another day, it was so wet and rainy. I didn’t want to do that to her sweet family. […]