This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. As a Panama City photographer, I wanted to document the hurricane. We had no clue that it was going to be what it was.   The officials didn’t have us under an evacuation order. Our friends Kenny and Kaitlyn evacuated to our house from Panama […]

Let’s talk about the thing that every mom has. Every single one of us. The mom guilt.   Those nagging, annoying, rude thoughts that come. As a Panama City Beach family photographer, I get to see alot of people on vacation. I’ve also met a lot of sweet local moms too. Every mom I ask […]

The Ferrer family is fabulous. When I first talked with Ainhoa, she told me about her two girls Audrey and Sydney. They are 12 and 15. I told her “oh my gosh, I have a daughter about the age of your youngest. I hope you’re dealing with the age better than I am!” We shared […]

We love soccer in our house. Almost every game of the world cup was on in our house, or on our phones when we weren’t home. Dameon was on his phone watching the world cup games as we we’re in Montana. He’s that committed. Bella started playing soccer when she was just a little thing. […]

The Mace family is probably one of the cutest ever. My cousin Chris and his girlfriend Kristina have the sweetest one year old twins,  Collin and Kayleigh. You might recognize them from their session last year. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.   Let me tell you, their sweet twins have the most gorgeous […]

The Branco family are pretty high up on my “I freaking love you” chart. I have know them for years. They were one of my very first clients when my business was just starting out. We’ve kept in touch for all these years, and I just love being friends with them.   I officially am […]

The Winters family session was the most fun. I’ve known Lizzy all my life. She’s my cousin. We grew up together playing on the trampoline and having a blast. She is a few years older than I am, and I have always looked up to her. They had a hard time finding a Citrus Heights […]

I could have sworn that Tara and I went to school together when I grew up in California. She looked so familiar. When we talked about her session, I was so very excited. She is a veterinary technician and is always posting pictures with horses that she trains and shows.   I am obsessed with California […]

Disney World with kids in tow is a little overwhelming just to think about. Our trip to Disney World was a little bit of a learning experience. So in the spirit of learn from my mistakes and triumphs, I’ve made a list of all the things you’ll want to bring and do to make the […]

My sweet little muffin turned 4 on May 5. That poor little thing woke up so sick the day before. We had to call everyone and postpone her birthday dinner/party. She was devastated and didn’t quite understand.   The day came one week later and she was pumped up. My sweet clients turned friends Amber […]