Fall Crafts | Wooden Candy Corn | Panama City Family Photographers Crafts is one of my favorite things to do. Especially as a family during fall time. There is something so special about getting together and making stuff.   Do you have a fall bucket list? I wrote one and I’m really trying to check […]

Fall Bucket List | Panama City Beach Family | Panama City Beach, Florida   I love fall. When you can actually wear some cute skinny jeans and you’re not sweating bullets at 10am. That is my jam.   Most of all, I love the family time that fall brings. When I was growing up, the […]

Sac City Tattoo | Sacramento,California | Sacramento Family photographer   As a Sacramento Family photographer, I’m able to travel back to California once a year to capture portraits in California. It’s so awesome. When I travel back to California, there’s always one appointment I make as soon as I book the flights. My tattoo appointment […]

Bubbles | Panama City Family Photographer | California Photographer       My parents still live in the same house that they brought all of us home from the hospital in. We were all raised in this house. We found a couple of bottles of bubbles at my parents house.   Autumn and sweet little […]

Back to School! | Panama City Family Photographer   This year’s back to school adventure was quite that. A complete adventure.   We all flew back from California 6 days prior to school starting. My parents flew back with us too. Thank goodness, I have literally been busy as a bee.   My mom and […]

Big Family Changes | NSA Panama City Beach Family   After a good amount of emails from clients asking “hey are you okay? I haven’t really seen you on insta and fb as much.” I realized I should probably make a post to tell everyone a little bit about whats up. Honestly? I’ve basically been […]

Dog Treats Recipe | Panama City Beach Family photographer On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love your pup? You said a 12 right? Same. These pups are my babies and I just love them so much. These homemade dog treats are such a hit. Flurry has bad food allergies. It’s […]

Dame’s Soldier’s Medal | Panama City Beach photographer | NSA Something really huge happened for my husband recently.   A little over two years ago he came across a motorcycle accident and helped stabilize an injured motorcyclist until the paramedics showed up. We had no clue how much this would impact our lives. If you […]

Memphis Zoo Trip | Tennessee photographer | Memphis, Tennessee   After meeting her, Avery invited me to her wedding in Tennessee. You might remember her from her EPIC bachelorette party that I captured.   Avery and I just adored each other so much, and we instantly became amazing friends. When she invited us to her […]

Easter weekend fun | Alabama wedding photographer   Can we talk honestly real quick? I needed this past weekend more than I ever knew. For my heart, and every part of me.   We stayed with our friends Torri and her husband Levi, who you may recognize her from their beach wedding two years ago. […]