Arthur + Abraham | birthday party

I don’t think there’s anything cuter then when little kids become friends. Their little personalities really shine as they interact. Autumn’s two little friends Arthur and Abraham turned 3 and I was lucky enough to get to document their party.

Arthur is outgoing, sweet and really adventurous little. Abraham is a little more shy. He is a quiet, sweet little boy. They are the most adorable duo full of energy and giggles.

The kids had a blast at the party. Doreen, the twins momma, planned the best party. It was so relaxed, so much fun. She made the best rainbow car cupcakes, homemade pizza and salad bar. You read that right. She had a SALAD BAR. Pure genius. So delicious.

There were no party games, just some fun toys and a lot of letting the kids play how they want. I have never seen kids have more fun at a birthday party. I’m totally stealing her “relaxed” party idea. I’m doing it. Mark my words.

Doreen and Trevor are the best parents. They make the best team. My favorite conversation I saw them have is when he peeked in the kitchen and asked her “Did Arthur already have a JB? He’s inquiring about one.” JB stands for juice box y’all. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m stealing that also.

Watching their family reminded me to enjoy mine more. Forget the stresses and everything else and just enjoy them. It goes by so quick.




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