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Busting All The Wedding Myths Part 1 | Panama City Beach, FL | Panama City Beach wedding photographer

Busting All The Wedding Myths- part 1| Panama City Beach, FL | Panama City Beach wedding photographer


This is part one. Come back next week for part two!


Oh, there are a ton of wedding myths.

Sometimes my couples will tell me something and I’ll legit ask “where did you hear that?”

They always say it was noone specific, they just thought it was true becuase they heard it from mulptile people.


The last thing I want is couples thinking that things are true just because they hear them alot.

I hit up some of the best in the business and we put our heads together.

We came up with some of the most common wedding myths we’ve heard.

Hope you’re ready to get hit with some knowledge.

Let’s roll.


Eloping is selfish.

First of all, it isn’t.

Everyone literally has different lives and preferences.

I always encourage couples to do what makes YOU two happy.

If it’s heading to a gorgeous location and saying your vows in a intimate little ceremony, why not do that?

After all, it’s about you two only.

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It’s more expensive to have a wedding planner.

Actually, my sweet friend Kelly at Make My Day Special schooled me on wedding planners.

They can literally end up saving you money- and that’s usually the case.

For example: say you only want to spend $1000 on your wedding linens(just an example).

Kelly will take that budget and shop around.

She’ll then present to you options and you can choose which option you want.

Boom! Easy Peasy.

You need to cater to your guests.

Hear me out on this one.

Definitely be respectful and super courteous to them.

But don’t plan your wedding around what your guests want.

For example, one bride told me she didn’t want to order her favorite cake as their wedding cake because she was worried all her guests wouldn’t like carrot cake.

This is what I told her.

“GIRL. Order your carrot cake! This day is to celebrate your love and it isn’t about anything else. If they don’t like carrot cake, they don’t have to eat it.”

If there is one day to be unapologetically you, it’s your wedding.


Nobody else will.????






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