Picking her perfect ring | Panama City Beach Wedding | David Scott Fine Jewelry

Picking her perfect ring | Panama City Beach Wedding | David Scott Fine Jewelry

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I’ve always been curios as to exactly how the guy picks the perfect engagement ring for his honey.

There are so many styles and options to choose from- how does he have any clue?


I sat down with my favorite jewelers- David Scott Fine Jewelry and they told me all about the process.


So imagine this: The guy walks into the jewelry store and approaches they counter.

He says he is there to look at engagement rings.

They ask about his honey.

What she likes to do for fun, what her career is, a little about her personality.

That gives them the information to hone in on styles they believe that she will love.


They can take a peek at her Pinterest board but let’s be honest, it’s usually a ton.

I mean literally pinning every single gorgeous ring she loves.

So it can be a bunch of totally different styles on that Pinterest board.

Which is fine- it gives them a feel for what she might like.


Let me tell you.

I have been married 7 years and they were so knowledgeable and so amazing, they handed me a ring I couldn’t describe if my life depended on it.

I loved it so much though.

It was so beautiful and I would be thrilled to receive that ring.

I was blown away by that.

I was ready to buy myself an engagement ring they were so spot on HAHA.


They truly help walk through the process step by step and hold your hand, which I need that when I’m making a big decision.

Once he decides on the setting, he will choose the perfect stone to go into that setting.


If he wants to bring her in ring shopping to look at rings she may want, the jewelers told me they handle it a little different.

The amazing staff at David Scott help them look for settings she will absolutely adore.

They tell her to choose 3 or 4 of her absolute favorites.

The owners told me “we can always tell which is her favorite by they way she reacts”.


The best thing they told me is if for any reason she is not absolutely in love with the ring, she can bring it back to them and exchange it for one that she absolutely loves.

Can’t beat that.


Don’t forget to come back next week for the breakdown of rings for all different types of brides!





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