Mini Date Night Ideas | Panama City Engagement Photographer

Mini Date Night Ideas | Panama City Engagement Photographer

How often do you and your honey have date night?

Okay now how often do you think you should have date night?

If I was a betting woman, I would bet that those two answers are NOT the same.

For me, they sure aren’t.


It’s really not that I don’t want to have a date night with my husband all the time.

It’s the fact that life gets busy, the kids have sports, ect.


So, here’s a few ideas to help bring a little more romance into your life.


Have a candlelit dinner at home once the kids go to bed.

It can be homemade, ordered in.

Whatever works for you is really what’s important.


Surprise your honey with their favorite bottle of wine.

Or bottle or whiskey.

Or whatever they love.

It’ll be a nice little surprise for them.


Write a letter about your honey.

This is a little different, so hear me out.

Your perception of the way they handle things, the way they act is different from theirs.

Write a letter about who they are and how you see them.

Need an example?

Okay here’s one below.


My husband Dameon.

Dameon is selfless. He never thinks about what he wants and needs before anyone else.

He is a great dad.

The strong, involved dad that coaches the soccer teams and reads them stories every night.

The dad that you want for your kids when you’re younger and daydreaming.

He has more patience than I ever will.

Dameon always takes the difficulties in stride.

He’s always the first one to comfort me when he knows I’m upset.

He has a real talent of bringing me back to reality when I’m being ridiculous.

He’s the person I never knew I needed until I had him.



Make cookies together.

Spend some quality time laughing and learning together.

It’ll be amazing- I promise.


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